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Trap & Down the Line (DTL)

In Down the Line (DTL) targets are released from the trap house on the shooter's call.  The trap oscillates causing the target to be released unpredictably somewhere within the defined arc.

DTL is further divided into the following disciplines:

  • Double Barrel
  • Double Barrel Point Score
  • Single Barrel
  • Double Barrel Handicap
  • Double Rise
  • Deauville Doubles
  • Novelty Events


Double Barrel

This is the most common basic form of DTL shooting.  A squad of 5 shooters stand 15 metres behind the trap house with unloaded guns.  The referee will announce the event is ready to start.  No. 1 shooter will load two cartridges into his gun, place his gun to his shoulder and call "Pull".

The referee will release a target from the trap, the competitor will fire at the target.  If he breaks it with his first shot, the referee will call "one", if he misses with the first shot he may fire a second shot at the target.

If he breaks it with his second shot the referee will call "one".  Regardless of which shot breaks the target, the score is the same, if the target is missed the referee will call "lost" and the score of zero is recorded.

Immediately after the competitor has shot, he unloads his gun then No. 2 shooter will repeat the procedure and so on.  After No. 2 shooter has shot, No. 1 shooter moves across to No. 2 position i.e. each competitor moves one position right after each shot.

The club nominates the number of targets to be shot for each event.

Double Barrel Points

The procedure is the same as above except that if the target is broken with the first shot, the shooter scores 3 points, with the second, 2 points, a miss is zero.

Single Barrel

Is similar to double barrel except only one cartridge is loaded into the gun and one shot only fired at the target, the score is one or zero.

Double Barrel Handicap

Is similar to double Barrel Shooting except the shooter is placed further or closer than 15 metres from the trap according to ability.  Handicaps are determined by rules laid out in the ACTA Rule Book.

In this event competitors may use 32 gram cartridges as opposed to 28 gram cartridges required in all other events.

Double Rise

In this event the 15 metre mark and the squad are the same as Double Barrel but two targets are released simultaneously from the trap when the competitor calls pull, and the shooter attempts to break one target with each shot.  The score is one point for each target actually broken.

Deauville Doubles

In this event two shooters team up to shoot 2 targets released from the Trap simultaneously, the competitor shoots at "his" target first, if he breaks it with his first shot and his partner missed with both of his shots, the partner may use his second shot to attempt to break his partner's target, if both targets are broken by either shooter, a score is recorded.  If neither or one is broken - no score is recorded.

The shooters stand at 20 metres from the trap house for this event and shoot from tracks numbers 2 & 4.

Novelty Events

Are a light hearted diversion from formal events.  Their form can vary from event to event.  They have no effect on the grade or handicaps of shooters.

ISSF Trench

Is the trap discipline shot at the Olympic Games and World Championships.

15 traps are installed in a trench and are electronically released by acoustic microphones in random sequence controlled electronically.



Come & Try Sessions

On the first Saturday of each month the Melbourne Gun Club conducts 'Come & Try' sessions for those interested in trying this great sport.

You do not require a firearms license as you will be coached and supervised by experienced members of the Club who are keen to make sure your time with us is safe, enjoyable and rewarding.  Give clay target shooting a try with the Melbourne Gun Club- you'll be glad you did!  Click here for more information.

Skeet & ISSF Skeet

A round of skeet consists of 25 targets shot on a semi-circular layout with two trap houses using 8 shooting stations.

Trap & Down the Line

Trap and DTL targets are released from an oscillating trap so the target is released unpredictably within a defined arc.

Sporting Clays

Sporting clay targets are thrown from numerous traps over a large area with each club and competition vastly different.

Five Stand

Five Stand targets are thrown from several traps like Sporting Clays but the traps are set out over a smaller area.

Melbourne Gun Club

There are no strangers in clay target shooting, just friends we have not yet met.

Melbourne Gun Club

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Club Facilities

The Melbourne Gun Club is one of the biggest and best equipped in Australasia. We regularly conduct competitions in International Sport Shooting Federation (ISSF) and Australian Clay Target Association (ACTA) disciplines.