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Melbourne Gun Club wishes to thank the following sponsors for the 3 Day Yarra Valley DTL Championships. Please think of our supporters when you make your next purchase. Their kind support made this event possible.

Kaymar 4WD -
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CLUB RESULTS: 02/11/2013

Belatedly but with best wishes for more wins to follow, the Club would like to congratulate Brad Peell on his first competition win last Saturday 26th of October.  WELL DONE BRAD!

A long weekend holiday with many club members away enjoying the break, 8 DTL and 5 Skeet Squads still enjoyed the warm weather and planned program!

Please check our November Shoot Program page for full details of upcoming competitions at the Melbourne Gun Club.

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Are You In Need Of Dish Drying Advice?

Those club members finding it tedious, boring and uninspiring after having a tea-towel handed to you once dish washing has commenced, here is the answer...

Get sound advice from the Master of drying dishes - Mr. Dish Drying expert himself, the one and only Darren White!

Darren is only too happy to advise you of all the perks and shot cuts in getting the job completed in half the time with less breakage!

Advice is free to all club take advantage of this generous offer!


Melbourne Gun Club Xmas Gift Vouchers

Are you looking for that 'special' Christmas gift for that 'special' person?

Why not give a Melbourne Gun Club Gift Voucher?

Melbourne Gun Club Gift Vouchers can be used for our Come & Try Days or anything you wish from practice tokens, ammunition or competition entry!  Contact the club via email, call the office on 9739-1771 or speak to a Committee Member who will happily provide further details or arrange a gift voucher for you.

Melbourne Gun Club apparel is available as another gift idea for you to consider!


CLUB RESULTS: 26/10/2013

Cool but dry conditions greeted the 60 competitors who came to participate in the DTL and Skeet program listed for the day.

Congratulations to Bonnie Rowlands on her wins.  Bonnie has only recently become a member of the Club along with her dad, Dave, and it was good to see them entering their first competition and having a successful day.  Congratulations also to our webmaster Rick Beasley who had a placing in the Skeet competition.  Sorry Rick, we didn’t take a photo for the website news…


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CLUB RESULTS: 12/10/2013

Warm and sunny conditions made the day pleasant for the 4 DTL, 3 Skeet and 2 Trench Squads that attended for the weekly competitions.

Down on squad numbers due to the SE Zone finals being held at Frankston, those who did attend, enjoyed the day.

Please check our October Shoot Program page for full details of upcoming competitions at the Melbourne Gun Club.

Comp results as follows...

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Melbourne Gun Club Christmas Shoot

Did you know it’s only 78 sleeps to Xmas Day...AND...only 67 sleeps to the Melbourne Gun Club Christmas Shoot?!?!

The MGC Christmas shoot will be followed by Xmas Break-up and Xmas Raffle with prizes including lots of hampers filled with great goodies!.

Place a circle around Saturday December 14th 2013 on your calendar so you do not forget!

All donations towards the Xmas Hampers would be very much appreciated.  Please leave in the basket in the club room with Tina White or Office Staff.


CLUB RESULTS: 05/10/2013

A good day of competition was held for the 9 DTL and 2 Skeet Squads who had windy but sunny conditions to contend with.

A warm welcome to those members of other clubs who came to participate on the day.

Please check our October Shoot Program page for full details of upcoming competitions at the Melbourne Gun Club.

Comp results as follows...

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CLUB RESULTS: 28/09/2013

Blustery winds, rain and patches of sunshine, Yering’s greeting to the 9 squads of DTL competitors who attended.  The “Skeeties” held a practice day instead of a competition.

Congratulations to all place getters and thanks to those competitors who supported the program!

Please check our October Shoot Program page for full details of upcoming competitions at the Melbourne Gun Club.

Comp results as follows...

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The Travel Bug Hits Again: Crayfish Carnival Geraldton WA

The travel bug has hit again this September with more Melbourne Gun Club members on the road again, this time to Geraldton WA.

The Crayfish Carnival otherwise know as 'THE SHOOT' was on and there was a group of regulars and a couple of first timers made the trip this year.

The MGC group were John Mollica, Steve Pellegrino, Frank Santoro, Paul Haslam, Steve, Diana & Geoff Aston plus Inge & Roger Esplin - the last two the first timers.  We had heard much about 'The Shoot' and where keen to see it first hand and were not disappointed!


CLUB RESULTS: 14/09/2013

Sunny spring weather greeted the 85 competitors for the day’s program of  DTL, Skeet and Universal Trench.

The club was pleased to see many members of the Alexandra Gun Club who had travelled for the day’s competition between the two clubs.

Comp results as follows...


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REPORT & PICS: Bill Iles Junior Olympic Trap Training Day

Bill Iles Coaching at Melbourne Gun Club

Bill Iles hosted a hugely successful Junior Olympic Trap Training Day that was held at Melbourne Gun Club on Sunday 8th September 2013.

This day was attended by 12 juniors from the south east zone (11 boys and 1 girl).  They were coached by Bill Iles in the skills required to compete in this discipline.

These days cannot be offered without the support of the South East Zone Executive and Committee and Melbourne Gun Club for the use of the grounds.

Read the full report and view pic's taken on the day...


Come & Try Clay Target Shooting: SEPTEMBER REPORT

COME AND TRY' is the warm welcome our website gives to those who are wishing to experience the family sport of clay target shooting and……come and try they did last Saturday!

Having our usual 'C&T' day planned for the first Saturday of each month and a further smaller group added, the club had good conditions for the 44 who attended.

The club had expected a higher number of participants but as usual, there is always some cancellations at the very last minute.


CLUB RESULTS: 07/09/2013

Weather conditions were still being kind to the 56 competitors who came to partake in the club’s program for the day.

The club’s appreciation to all those who supported the competitions  and thanks to those who assisted on the day.

Please check our September Shoot Program page for full details of upcoming competitions at the Melbourne Gun Club.


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Gold Coast Clay Target Club - August 2013 Trap Carnival

Okay okay....after much pressure from the "office chick" I will try to remember the events of a recent trip to the Gold Coast to participate in the 3 day Gold Coast Trap Carnival held on the weekend of 9th-11th August 2013.

The thought of leaving the icy weather in Melbourne behind created a little bit of excitement for the handful of shooters from MGC that flew to QLD on the same flight! Rod (team captain) & Jenny (chef/support person) Jackson, Pete & Kath (mum and dad) Wilkins & me, Tina, followed the following day by Grant & Sandy Ellis from Tassie (honorary MGC members) arrived to the  warmth and sunshine that QLD had to offer.


MGC members on a mission!

It would appear that the competition travel bug has hit some of our members who will be off to compete in competitions during September and we wish them well, lots of good luck and much enjoyment.

REPORTS on all these events are expected to be received!  REMEMBER - any member can contribute!

Articles, good, bad or ugly, will be enjoyed by all the members.  Items can be forwarded to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or handed into the office.


CLUB RESULTS: 01/09/2013

Warm and sunny Spring weather greeted 56 Competitors who attended the DTL and Skeet competitions making it a great day to partake in the club’s program.

Congratulations to all place getters and thanks to those competitors who supported the program!

Comp results as follows...

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CLUB RESULTS: 24/8/2013

A clear day made great shooting conditions for the 80 Competitors who attended the DTL and Skeet competitions listed for the day.

Special congratulations to Patrick Clair who entered his first competition on August 10th and won a 2nd placing in the “C” Grade competition. With his  first “look” at the Continental discipline, has won the “C” Grade 50 Target S/B event.   Patrick is one of the Juniors who regularly attends the Wednesday night school boys program.

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Past member of the Melbourne Gun Club, Donald McCraith will be honoured in a memorial DTL Shoot to be held on November 9th 2013 at Mornington Clay Target Club Inc.

This event was previously held at MGC but Donald’s Son and Grandsons are now members at Mornington. The shoot is sponsored by Donald’s widow, Elizabeth and children Mark & Virginia.

Watch the ACTA magazine for further details. We would love to see any of Donald’s past shooting team mates or friends!

South East Zone School Championship Report: WELL DONE WILL!

MGC Junior member Will Smithwick competed in the South East Zone School Championship held at Frankston last Thursday 1st August with 216 students entering for the day’s competition.

Read the full report on Will's success at the South East School Persons’ shoot here...




Full Report...

CLUB RESULTS: 27/07/2013

A clear sunny day with no wind made great shooting conditions for the 70 Competitors who came to participate in the Trench, DTL and Skeet programs listed for the day.

MGC would like to offer their congratulations to all place getters.

Thanks to all Committee and Members who assisted on the day!



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CLUB RESULTS: 13/07/2013

Cooler conditions  and clear skies (no balloons or model aeroplanes straying into MGC air space!) gave the 7 DTL & 4 Skeet Squads an enjoyable competition.

Thanks to all those MGC members and visitors who competed and those who worked to make it a successful day!

Comp results as follows...

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ISSF International Junior Comp (Suhl, Germany) by Jack Wallace

On Sunday the 2nd of June, 5 members of the Australian shooting team and our Manager departed for Suhl, Germany to compete in the ISSF International Junior Competition.

The team consisted of myself, James Grice, Penny Smith, Gemma Dunn, Teegan McCloy and Gleniss Lawrence.

The flight took us around 19 hours and we were worn out by the time we arrived. We caught a taxi from the airport which took us 3 hours, we went straight to the Armoury to hand over our guns and collect our shooters ID.

We then went to the hotel which was 10 minutes drive from the gun club and had a good shower.


The fog has lifted - though we would drop in for a cuppa!

Much staring, disbelief, rubbing of eyes, pointing of fingers and frantic camera clicking at the hot air balloon which decided to drop in during the Saturday 29th competition.

Not to be outdone or allowing a hot air balloon to control the "air space" over the MGC grounds, two model aeroplanes being a little bit bored with flying around in circles in their own “airspace” next door at the model aero club, decided to add further excitement to the day.

After calm was restored, the competition continued...


CLUB RESULTS: 29/6/2013

Congratulations to all those who competed last weekend at the Melbourne Gun Club!

Foggy conditions, a hot air balloon hovering over trap 4, model aeroplanes dive bombing competitors and crash landing on trap 2, the excitement was never ending!

Thanks for the support of all who attended and to club members who assisted in any position with the running of this competition.

Comp results as follows...


CLUB RESULTS: 08/06/13

A foggy and cold start to the day didn’t deter the “faithful” who roll up and compete in any type of weather conditions.

Luckily the sun appeared as the 8 DTL & 3 Skeet squads were preparing to commence which was welcomed by all.

Congratulations to those who were successful and special congratulations to Daniel Patterson (Jnr) for his first win in DTL “C Grade”.

Comp results as follows...


Junior Club Member News

Junior club members are an integral and important part of any club.

In the case of the Melbourne Gun Club Juniors are welcomed!

We provide coaching if sought, encouragement and support from Executive and Members.

Junior success, be it at events or club shoots, are enjoyed by all.


2013 Victorian State ISSF Titles: REPORT & RESULTS

The 2013 Victorian State ISSF Titles were conducted at the Melbourne Gun club on May 10-12 2013.

The Titles were again recognised as an AISL “PQS EVENT” and as such formed to be the first of the Commonwealth Games selection events held in Australia. This ensured large crowds and strong competition.


Broken Hill 2 Day Shoot - 11th & 12th of May 2013

Two short REX flights and you’re at Broken Hill - top of 28 and we are feeling good about this!

Our accommodation was good at the Imperial but as we found out it was haunted and for some reason the ghosts picked on Dallas and me.

A visit to the club and we find 3 traps and a friendly club.  Our squad consisted of Inge & Roger Esplin, Rod Jackson, Dallas Ball and myself Darryl Johnston.  We entered the teams events with our team called Mexicans!


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