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CLUB RESULTS: 11/02/2017

Quieter competition day today with only 3 Universal Trench & 6 DTL Squads but added to this, the 30 'Come & Try' Guests, it was a still a busy day.

A note of appreciation is expressed to the Committee & Members who assisted on the day and also to Jeff Tonna, Nathan Cassalls, Jack Henwood & Noel Bienvue for their co-ordinating of the Universal Trench competition while Craig Henwood was at the Sydney competition.


Down The Line (DTL)

25 Target Point Score


1st.  Carol Stokes

AA Grade

1st.    Bill Woodward
2nd.  Paul Grand-Court

A Grade

1st.    Sheridan Morley
2nd.  Steve Bell

B Grade

1st.    Carol Stokes

C Grade

1st.    Peter Harte
2nd.  Russell Burnett


25 Target Handicap

1st.  Craig Patterson
2nd.  Geoff McClure
3rd.  Liam Shore
4th.  Ben Vogelzang


50 Target Double Barrel


1st.  Hayden Stafford

AA Grade

1st.    Hayden Stafford
2nd.  Mark Bravin

A Grade

1st.    Geoff McClure
2nd.  Travis Jackson

B Grade

1st.    Russell Allender

C Grade

1st.    Lou Primavera
2nd.  Russell Burnett


100 Target Universal Trench

AA Grade:  Steve Trembath (94/100)
A Grade:  Nathan Harris (91/100)
B Grade:  Michelle Beecham (94/100)
C Grade:  Mike Foley (83/100)


Volunteers are a very important part of any Club and the MGC appreciates the assistance received from many who contribute each week to its running.




Melbourne Gun Club

192 Victoria Road
Yering, 3770
Victoria, Australia.

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Club Facilities

The Melbourne Gun Club is one of the biggest and best equipped in Australasia. We regularly conduct competitions in International Sport Shooting Federation (ISSF) and Australian Clay Target Association (ACTA) disciplines.

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