Unless otherwise advised, the Melbourne Field and Game Branch will hold a 75 target
simulated field graded event commencing at 9am on the 3rd Saturday of each month.
No March shoot due to duck opening.
Competition events are for F&G members only (ACTA members may shoot "targets only").

Noms $40, Juniors Free, Pensioners $35. Noms include $2 ground fee.
The following is an extract from the Rules of Simulated Field and Game:

"Simulated Field shooting is a sport that all members should enjoy, regardless of age, gender or ability and this should always be borne in mind when setting grounds.

Good grounds will include a variety of targets and provide something for everyone. Ground setters should ensure good visibility of targets, avoiding edge on presentations and using flight and angle to challenge shooters rather than just relying on excessive speed or distance.

A good ground is one which will ‘shoot to grade’ with the majority of competitors achieving scores reflective of their grade and handicap.

Remember, if you don’t want targets broken leave them in their boxes.
Russ Bate
Chairman FGA"